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BBL Corrective Therapy

BroadBand Light Corrective

Treat Skin Conditions Associated With Aging, Acne, Unwanted Hair, and Sun Damage

BBL Corrective Treatment

If you have spots due to aging, rosacea, small facial veins, sun damaged skin, or other skin conditions, you may want to consider BBL Corrective treatment. If you’re worried about things like freckles or even your skin looking older and less radiant, BBL Corrective treatment may also be a great option for you. Here’s what you need to know.

What is BBL Corrective Treatment?

In short, BBL Corrective Treatment is a treatment where Broad Band Light (BBL) is used on the upper layers of your skin to help stimulate your skin cells. When stimulated, your skin begins to regrow and repair itself, giving you a youthful and healthy look.

Since BBL Corrective treatment is a gentle and non-invasive treatment, it’s great for all adults regardless of age.

The Process

The process for BBL Corrective Treatment is relatively simple. At first, a cold gel will be applied to your face, and you will be given safety goggles to protect your eyes from the Broad Band Light. Following this preparation, the treatment begins. The light energy will be delivered by the Sciton BBL machine, eliminating fine vessels that cause redness and reducing unwanted melanin that produces age and sun spots.

Is Treatment Painful?

Since the treatment is gentle and non-invasive, there is typically little to no pain. Some patients report a ‘rubber band snapping’ sensation as well as a warmth in the treated areas.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatments typically take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the areas being treated.

When Will I See Results?

After treatment, you should expect to see results almost immediately. That being said, results depend on your skin type. Some individuals require more treatments compared to others, and we will discuss your needs in office to structure a plan that works best for you!

Are There Any Side Effects?

The side effects for a BBL Corrective Treatment are typically minimal. You may experience some redness and swelling in the treatment areas, and any dark spots in the treatment area may appear darker. There may also be some flaking or peeling after a few days. You should be able to return to work and resume normal activities immediately.

BBL Patient: Before

BBL Patient: After

BBL Patient: Before

BBL Patient: After

Questions About BBL Corrective Laser Treatments? 

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