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Peptide Weight Loss Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Help Your Body Work Efficiently

In our bodies, when proteins are digested peptides form. Peptides are short chains of amino acid monomers that are linked by covalent bonds. These bonds are formed when the carboxyl group on a single amino acid then reacts with the amino group on another. Recent advances in medicine have found several conditions that can be treated using peptide therapy.

Peptides are currently on the leading edge of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. As new benefits are discovered, peptide therapy will continue to provide benefit treating medical conditions, improving overall wellness, and generating homeostasis in the body.

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How Is Peptide Therapy Utilized?

The human body produces close to 7,000 peptides by itself. Natural production of peptides vary based on the individual, what we eat, and how we live. Additionally, the production of peptides declines with age which opens a door for peptide therapy to help supplement a lack of production to improve wellness at a cellular level. 

Peptide therapy supplements provide numerous health and cosmetic benefits, and can be tailored to the individual receiving the to promote a positive immune response, muscle building, anti-inflammatory response, anti-aging, and more. Peptides are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Weight control & loss
  • Provide an immune system boost
  • Autoimmune disease control
  • Gastrointestinal treatment
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Joint pain relief
  • Pain relief 
  • Hair restoration
  • Blood clot prevention
  • Wound healing 

How Do We Utilize Peptides At FIBB?

Here at FIBB, we utilize two peptides that are clinically proven safe and effective to aid in weight loss (Semaglutide and Sermorelin). Our peptide based weight loss plan is used to help transform body composition and accelerate weight loss. We provide patients with a fat loss cream, the two FDA approved peptides, and structure a customized treatment plan for each patient to ensure success while enrolled in the program. 

Our team performs a body composition analysis, weigh in, and measurements. We also implement weekly check in’s along with a FIBB skinny shot of B12 each week. Lose the weight and keep it off with our FIBB Fitness weight loss plan!

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