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ClearV™ Treatment

ClearV™ Treatments

Vanish The Veins you Can't See

ClearV™ is the preferred choice at FIBB for vascular treatments as it safely and effectively treats visible vessels, spider veins, broken capillaries, vascular lesions, and skin discoloration with ease. Using Subsurface Vein Illumination (SVI™) technology, we are able to visualize subsurface and feeder veins to efficiently treat the root cause of your issues. This laser treatment heats unwanted vessels under the skin, and makes them less noticeable.

The Process

The process is relatively simple. We use the Sciton hand piece to spot treat areas where unwanted vessels and veins appear. Once heated with laser energy, these items become less noticable and gently eliminated from the upper layers of your skin’s surface.

Is it Painful?

The treatment is virtually painless. Patients may feel a rapid, gentle pulse during treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Depending on how many areas are being treated, the ClearV™ treatment can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

When Will I See Results?

Following treatment, you may experience a slight sunburn sensation. After 48 hours the treated areas can appear slightly bruised and vessels may be more visible than they were prior to treatment for a week. Once the discoloration fades, the color will be come lighter and the areas treated will be less noticeable each week.


Questions About ClearV™ Laser Treatments? 

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