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Facial Options For All Skin Types & Conditions

FIBB Facial

Nurture your skin with this customized facial. This medical grade deep cleansing facial includes steam and extractions, complete with a Hydrojelly mask to enhance your skin’s clarity and texture. Prepare to depart with your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Man Cave Signature

Designed especially for the needs of male skin. This facial addresses skin sensitivity, dullness and aging, as well as repairing damage caused by daily shaving. This customized treatment includes deep pore cleansing, hot towels, and exfoliation. It concludes with a mask, tailored to your skin’s needs, as well as a hydrating moisturizer.

Express Lunchtime Facial

A quick pick-me-up for your skin. This concise treatment combines a cleanse, dermaplane and Hydrojelly mask that will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and revived.

Face Reality (Acne)

Expertly designed for acne prone teens and adults. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your journey to clearer skin or enhance your treatment regimens, this treatment focuses on safe and gentle steam extractions with customized enzymes or peels. LED therapy and high frequency can also be added to enhance active treatments and accelerate your skin’s recovery on a cellular level.

Customize your treatment and add Blue/Red LED light therapy to reduce inflammation and bacteria.

Skinceuticals Anti-Aging

Revitalize fatigued skin and reverse photo-damage with key ingredients from this medical grade facial. These ingredients accelerate the cell renewal process, stimulate collagen synthesis and improve elastin fibers in the dermis. A light chemical peel additive restores a youthful glow and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Skinceuticals Recovery

Calm and restore compromised skin. This reparative treatment is perfect for post laser clients as well as those struggling with rosacea or acne. A combination of BioCellulose, LED therapy, and hand-selected serums facilitate optimal cellular recovery and restoration of the skin’s optimal integrity and hydration.  

Add Blue/Red LED Light therapy to reduce inflammation and bacteria.

ZO Skin Brightening

The ultimate brightening treatment for dull, tired skin. This facial begins with a moisture-rich cleansing and mild exfoliation, followed by a vitamin-fortified calming massage. An Ossential Skin Brightening sheet masque further elevates this treatment by minimizing the production of excess skin pigment and delivering powerful hydration. The treatment concludes with pure ZO antioxidants, coenzymes and sun protection to inhibit excess melanin production and stimulate the growth of healthy cells. 

ZO Ultra Hydration

Rebalance your skin’s optimal hydration. This facial begins with a gentle hydrating cleanse and micro-exfoliation to remove surface debris. Rich essential ingredients like mulberry, kojic and lactic acid enhance brightness and clarity, and prepare the skin for the ultimate hydration infusion. ZO Aloe Hydragel and powerful growth factors leave your skin vibrantly clearer, firmer and moisture rich.

Signature Hydrafacial

Refresh and reset your skin. This invigorating facial focuses on a unique four-step process (cleanse, extract, peel, and hydrate) that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and youthful. It concludes with LED light therapy to further reduce visible signs of aging. Add Diamond tip wet microdermabrasion for $75 to enhance your refreshed skin’s radiance.

Deluxe Hydrafacial

All of the benefits of our Signature Hydrafacial’s four-step process with extended extractions, anti-aging LED therapy, and a hand-selected booster. Add Diamond tip wet microdermabrasion for $75 to enhance your refreshed skin’s radiance.

Platinum Hydrafacial

Elevate your Hydrafacial experience. This enhanced treatment begins with detoxification through facial lymphatic drainage. Deep cleanse, thorough extractions, and rich hydration follow as the fundamental basis of Hydrafacial. A hand-selected booster is also included. This facial concludes with LED light therapy to further reduce visible signs of aging.

Blue Diamond Hydrafacial

Indulge in the ultimate Hydrafacial experience. This treatment combines all of the luxuries of our Platinum Hydrafacial with customized extras. Prepare to be pampered as this experience includes a relaxing facial massage and hot towels. Also added to this lavish facial is a diamond wet dip microdermabrasion, a customized sheet mask and a perk.

Build Your Own Hydrafacial

Select any of the add-ons from the menu below to customize your treatment. Duration of treatment will vary based upon add-ons. 

Add a dermaplane to this facial to enhanced smoothness and product penetration.

  • ReGen CF Booster
  • Dermabuilder Booster
  • Britenol Booster
  • ZO Rozatro booster
  • Nassif Hydration Booster
  • Dermaplaning
  • Lip or Eye Perk
  • Extended extractions
  • Gel Mask
  • Gel Peel Substitute

Celluma Light Therapy

Experience the ULTIMATE in Skin rejuvenation!  This LED device is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkls.   Red and near-infrared wavelengths are utilized in the Celluma SERIES of LED light therapy devices to combat the signs of aging. These specific wavelengths of light energy are clinically verified to enhance your body’s natural ability to generate collagen and elastin by activating the fibroblast cells.

Chemical Peels

Blue Radiance Peel

Enjoy this superficial salicylic acid-based facial chemical peel that exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion, and provides firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just 1 use. A series of 4 to 6 peels provides best overall results.

This helps improve the appearance of the following skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, rough, uneven skin, blemishes and acne mild to moderate photoaging

Get Glowing Micro Peel

The Get Glwoing Micro-peel is designed to refine skin texture damaged by environmental factors and skin conditions such as acne.  The procedure assists in smoothing fine lines and evening out skin discoloration.  It improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of acne scars and environmental damage to the skin.


AQUAGOLD  is a patented microchannel microinjector that painlessly, effectively, and delicately delivers specially selected therapeutics such as dermal filler, PRP, hyaluronic acid and botox into the dermis. This medical grade treatment is clinically proven to tighten, smooth, and leave the skin looking plumper and more radiant. 

VI Peel

A VI Peel is a medium-strength, medical-grade chemical peel that minimizes signs of sun damage and aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and tone.  This peel can be customized to different skin types and address pigment such as melasma.  For most patients, peels should be done 3-4 times a year to repair the sun damage that is already present. 

SkinCeuticals TCA Peel

This peel includes TCA Peel – Trichloroacetic Acid for penetration, deep scar healing, and collagen stimulation;  Retin-A – acid derived from vitamin A to combat wrinkles; Salicylic Acid – this beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is an exfoliant; Phenol – has antiseptic and anesthetic properties; aids in skin penetration; and Vitamin C – ascorbic acid has antioxidant and mild exfoliation properties.

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