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RHA® Collection Fillers

RHA® Collection

Beautiful At Rest. Flawless In Motion.

What Is The RHA® Collection?

The RHA® Collection fillers were developed to adapt to your facial movement, which allows for a more natural look at rest and in motion. The RHA® collection of fillers is the only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler approved to treat dynamic wrinkles and folds. This collection of fillers was specially developed to closely mimic the hyaluronic acid that already exists in your skin, and the results speak for themselves!

What Does The RHA® Collection Of Fillers Treat? 

As facial movements are dynamic by nature, existing wrinkles and folds resulting from these movements as we age are difficult to treat. Traditional dermal fillers can provide great results, but often causes treatment areas to appear stiff or unnatural with facial movements. The RHA® collection provides an AMAZING, natural look both at rest and in motion. At FIBB, we use the The RHA® Collection to treat the areas of the face that experience dynamic movements which include:

  • The Forehead
  • Eye Areas
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Mouth/Nose (Nasolabial Folds)

What To Expect?

Results following injections with the RHA® Collection are immediate. Following treatment patients can enjoy natural looking results, with some treatment applications lasting up to 15 months! Results will vary patient to patient.

RHA® Collection Fillers

Questions About RHA® Collection Treatments? 

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