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PDO Thread Lift Treatments

PDO Thread Lifts

Lifting & Smooth Thread Solutions

PDO Thread Lift

Taking the aesthetic community by storm, the PDO Thread Lift procedure utilizes strategically placed threads comprised of polydioxanone (PDO, used for decades in surgical procedures throughout the world) to help patients experiencing loose or sagging skin. This non-invasive, FDA approved procedure in turn provides patients with an instant lift, without the scarring, pain, or downtime associated with traditional face lift procedures.

If you are searching for a treatment to tighten, lift, and firm your skin, PDO threads are an amazing option. Our patients are seeing AMAZING results!

How Do PDO Thread Treatments Work?

PDO thread lift procedures work to lift and tighten the skin, providing a smooth and healthier appearance. As a local anesthetic is applied to the treatment areas, this treatment is a comfortable, pain-free experience for our patients. During treatment, the dissolvable threads are placed underneath the skin and tightened to provide a lifted appearance to the once sagging skin.

How Long Do PDO Thread Results Last?

The length of time in which treatment results last will vary patient to patient. On average in most patients, the treads dissolve 6 to 7 months post treatment, with the effects of treatment lasting well beyond that timeframe for an additional 9 months to a year.

How Long Is The Procedure?

Treatment lengths are determined by the number of threads needed, and desired results. The procedure is quick and usually completed within an hour.

Who Can Benefit From A PDO Thread Lift Procedure?

We recommend PDO Thread Lifts for patients in Southwest Florida seeking non-surgical facelift options. This treatment is a great way to address loose skin, wrinkles, and lines in the forehead, face, and neck area.

Is There Any Downtime?

Downtime is minimal from this treatment. Patients may experience swelling and light discomfort 24-48 hours post treatment which can easily be managed by pain medications. After this timeframe, patients may return to their daily routine, while avoiding strenuous activity or exercise for a week.

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Questions About PDO Thread Lift Treatments? 

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