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Top Shelf Membership

Top Shelf Memberships

Your Personalized FIBB Treatment Plan Based Membership

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Visit Face It Botox Bar to create a personalized treatment plan
  • Sign up on the day of your treatment and start receiving benefits
  • There is no fee to join and no hidden fees

What Are The Benefits?

  • Your PERSONALIZED TREATMENT PLAN can be modified to suit your changing needs
  • Predictable monthly payments make it easy to budget
  • Reminders help you keep up with when you are due for treatments
  • Receive a complimentary REWARD after 6 & 12 months as a member
  • Members always receive our best pricing and offers year-round
  • Members receive Botox for $11 per unit vs $13 for non-members
  • Members receive Dysport for $4.40 per unit vs $5.40 for non-members
  • Members receive Xeomin for $11 per unit vs $12 for non-members
  • Members receive our Signature Hydrafacial Treatment for $169 vs $199 for non-members
  • Members receive a FREE B12 injection every 3 months
  • Brilliant Distinctions, Aspire coupons, and Gift Cards can be applied to your account
  • Earn your FREE GIFT just for enrolling in FIBB FABB Beauty Club

How Do You Split Up Payments?

  • The program will divide the cost of your treatment plan into EASY monthly payments
  • Each treatment will be paid in full by the time you are due for your next treatment of the same type
  • Example: Your doctor recommends Botox totaling $300 every three months. The membership divides $300 over three months ($100/month). This cycle will continue to repeat unless your treatment plan is modified or cancelled.

When Will I Get Charged?

  • Your first payment will be charged the Date Of Sign Up (when you receive your first treatment)
  • Your card on file will automatically be charged each month for the same amount unless you modify your membership.
  • If you are unable to come in as recommended, any amount charged to your card will be held as credit on your account waiting for you to use
  • If you cancel, you will be responsible for any remaining payments on the services you already received

Interested In Joining?

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